Advocate Center


The Advocate Center of CASA provides information for everyone whether you are signing up to become an Advocate or searching for information to help as you volunteer as an Advocate.  This section has the following information for you:
  • Calendar of Events is a monthly calendar giving you a day by day look at the items scheduled at CASA
  • Training Schedule provides an overview of classes scheduled for individuals wanting to become Advocates
  • In-Service gives an overview of classes scheduled for in-service training.
  • Independent Learning explains in-service training hours you can earn on your own by reading books, case studies or magazine article or by watching approved movies.  This section tells you the procedures for obtaining independent learning in-service credits and the resources available to utilize.
  • CASA Book, DVD, Video Library 2016 These resources provide important links for areas that an advocate would need to obtain information.
  •  Forms contains current forms and maps that advocates need in performing their role from mileage to courtroom locations.
  • CASA College – Texas CASA – Texas CASA wants to ensure that you, CASA staff, board members and volunteers, have access to the training resources you need whenever and wherever you need them. That’s why we have redesigned CASA College. This includes a revamp of the CASA College e-learning and in-person trainings with the goal of providing the CASA network with the most up-to-date and innovative tools and resources. Read about the three types of CASA College trainings – on-demand trainings, director and board trainings, and e-learning courses – below.  
Enjoy all of the information provided in the Advocate Center.  If you have any questions, please email Debbie Dugger at,