Sponsors of CASA

 Giving people access to a better life.

One community at a time.

It’s our mission to create opportunities so people can live better. We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it’s through the grants we provide to the thousands of organizations that share our mission or through the inspiring volunteer efforts of Walmart associates, we are passionate about helping people live better. One community at a time.

In 2014, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave $1.4 billion in cash and in-kind contributions around the world. Global in-kind donations accounted for $1 billion, while $309 million was given in cash globally.

The Walmart Foundation meets the needs of the under-served by directing charitable giving toward our core areas of focus: Opportunity, Sustainability and Community.

  • Walmart State Giving Foundation (2014 – 2015) Generously donated $25,000 to CASA Liberty/Chambers Counties to fund the  Fostering Futures Program
  • Walmart State Giving Foundation (2015 – 2016) Generously donated $25,000 to CASA Liberty/Chambers Counties to fund the Finding Family Program

Swalm Foundation 

Mission/Funding Objective: “By practice, most Swalm Foundation grants are made to human service organizations in Texas that serve the homeless, the educationally and economically disadvantaged, survivors of domestic violence, victims of child abuse and neglect, and the mentally ill.

ExxonMobil’s success in the energy and petrochemical industries makes it possible for us to contribute to the well-being of the local areas where we make significant investments, provide products and pay taxes.

Houston Endowment—a philanthropic foundation established by Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones in 1937

Improves life for the people of greater Houston through its grants to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.* The foundation donates approximately $75 million each year to organizations that support and promote arts and culture, education, the environment, health and human services.

Houston Endowment also funds and manages the Jones Scholars Program, which since 1958 has helped more than 10,000 Houston area graduating high school seniors attend and complete college.

Houston Endowment is governed by its board of directors and managed by its professional staff, who join with nonprofit agencies to advance the Joneses’ vision of creating a vibrant community where the opportunity to thrive is available to all.

* Greater Houston is defined as Harris County and the contiguous counties of Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller.

  • Houston Endowment (2013 – 2014) Generously donated $25,000 to CASA Liberty/Chambers Counties to assist with Advocate recruitment initiatives.
  • Houston Endowment (2014 – 2015 & 2015 – 2016) Generously donated $50,000 over 2 years to CASA Liberty/Chambers Counties to fund the  Fostering Futures Program

Texas State Bar
Connecting, Serving and protecting
Since 1939
Texas Bar

 Local Attorney, Bruce Stratton, congratulates CASA for Texas Bar Foundation Grant of $5000

  • Texas State Bar (2014 – 2015) Generously donated $5,000 to CASA Liberty/Chambers Counties to fund the Finding Family Program