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Volunteer Advocate Forms

Volunteer Resignation from CASA Form          Volunteer resignation from CASA (1).docx

Pledge of Confidentiality Form                          Pledge of Confidentiality

Texas Family Code                                            Texas Family Code 107.002

VTR with Template Form                                   VTR_with template (1).docx

Sample CASA Court Report                              Sample CASA Court Report 6.25.18.docx

Mileage Form Only                                            Mileage Form only

PCA Program                                                    PCA Program

Minimum Expectations for Service to a Child’s Case     Minimum Expectations for Service to a Child’s Case (1).rtf

Individualized Advocacy & Action Plan              Individualized Advocacy and ActionPlan

Holley Factors Prep for Trial                               Holley Factors Prep for Trial.docx

Holley Factors Example                                      Holley Factors Example

Case Impact Checklist                                        Case Impact Checklist.rtf

Transport Check List                                           6.7 Transport Checklist (C) (1)

Transporting Youth Policy/Procedures                6.6 Transporting Youth Policy and Procedure (1).docx

Case Information Sheet                                       CASE INFORMATION SHEET.docx

100 Miles Advocate Reimbursement Form          100 Miles Advocate Reimbursement form

ETV TFW & Othere Educational Charts                ETV TFW and other education Chart (2) College.docx

FY 2017 VOCA Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement Policy  FY 2017 VOCA volunteer Mileage Reimbursement Policy New 6.15.17.docx





CPS Definitions of Allegations