Female Volunteer_GirlBy becoming a Child Advocate, you can help keep abused and neglected children safe, giving them a chance at finding happiness.

Child Advocates are individuals from all walks of life who speak up for a child’s best interests in court. You are not a foster parent; you are a voice making a real difference at a critical turning point in the child’s life.


Child Advocats get to know the child and gather information from everyone involved in his or her daily life, including family members, foster parents, teachers, daycare providers, doctors, lawyers, social workers and other relevant persons. You spend a significant amount of time with the child, gaining his or her trust.

Child Advocates use the information gathered to report to the judge, advocating for the child’s needs while in the foster care system. As a volunteer, you commit to represent a child’s best interests until the child reaches a safe, permanent home.

BecomING a CHILD ADVOCATE means you are:

  • Willing to commit at least one year of your time
  • Able to effectively communicate orally and in writing
  • Willing to participate in an in-depth training program
  • Able to pass criminal and CPS history background checks
  • Over age 21

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are ordinary people doing extraordinary work for abused, neglected and abandoned children and youth in foster care in our community.

As sworn officers of the court, Child Advocates are appointed by Judge Andell to advocate one-on-one for children and youth in foster care.  As an Advocate you will be more than just a mentor – you will be a powerful voice for a child or youth during their uncertain journey in the foster care system.

You don’t have to be a lawyer or social worker. CASA of Liberty & Chambers County will provide you with the training you need to succeed.

Child Advocates come from various walks of life. They share the willingness and ability to commit at least one year, an average of 8-10 hours a month, to a foster child or youth to make a difference.


Step 1:  Sign up to receive an “inquiry call” or “inquiry email”. 

We will discuss the responsibilities of an Advocate so every inquirer has a clear understanding of what it means to be a Child Advocate. Our Executive Director, Kimberly Stephens, will meet you personally to assist in your decision- making process and encourage you to review our Child Advocate Brochure and manual.

Call 936-334-9000 to sign up or email kstephens@casalctx.org


Step 2:  Excited to be a CHID ADVOCATE?

To be scheduled for an interview, you will need:

     Copy of your driver license

     Application filled out completely with attached forms signed

Child Advocate Application:

Download this Court Appointed Special Advocate Application. 

Volunteer applications are accepted by mail (P.O. Box 9027; Liberty, TX  77575), email kstephens@casalctx.org or fax (936)334-9001.

Call or email the CASA office and set up an interview.

 Step 3:  Congratulations!

You’ve completed the interview process and all required security screening and have been accepted into Preservice Training.  The next step is to complete Preservice Training, which consists of 27 hours of classroom training and 3 hours of court observation.

CASA of Liberty & Chambers Counties conducts monthly training sessions during the day (Mon – Thurs from 9 am – 3 pm) and once a quarter training classes at night from 6 pm – 8 pm on a “floating” day chosen by the class and trainer. Classes are taught by CASA staff, Advocates, and experienced professionals from the various disciplines and agencies who work with foster children during the dependency process.


Step 4: Advocate!

After you complete Preservice Training and are sworn in as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL), the final step in the process is to be matched with the child or youth that you will advocate for.