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CASA Success Story

Sweet little girl A (name changed to protect confidentiality of the child and family) came into this world without a family that could care for her due to the situation with the family and the special needs of the child.

From the first time the CASA advocate was able to hold this precious little one, the journey to find a loving home began. The advocate began to initiate the Collaborative Family Engagement protocol of calling family, reaching out to friends, hospital staff and collaborating with the CPS caseworker to create a village and support system for this little girl.

Upon release from the hospital, A was placed in a primary medical needs home. This home proved to be a cold, sterile environment. Although her basic physical and medical needs were being met, she was not receiving the love and care of parents and was not thriving emotionally in this home. This was not what we desired for this sweet little girl…..this is not what she deserved.

Calls to family turned cold and the family stated that due A’s special needs, they were not equipped to care for this sweet little girl.  Understanding the situation of the family, the advocate and caseworker began to think outside the box and contacted a national organization for assistance for an adoptive home that would meet the needs of the child. The answer came almost immediately with the response of a family that desperately wanted to provide a forever home for our sweet A.

Through the course of several months, the placement was made with her new parents, her new brother and sister, new grandparents that are spoiling her, and an adoption to come to complete our fairy tale ending for sweet A.

The advocate on this case, Ms. Gloria Graves spent HOURS researching, sorting through medical records, advocating in court for best interest and making numerous calls to locate the organizations and build relationships with the perfect family for this precious baby. Her tireless work, dedication, love, and commitment to this little one has changed the trajectory of her life, from a possibility of a lifetime in foster care, to a lifetime of stability and love in her forever home. Thank you, Ms. Gloria, for being the lifeline for A. You have changed a life forever!

-Karen Foyil